Finally received an email from the FL DoH regarding massage and reopening. Numerous links and a 45 page PDF to go through. I'm already awaiting new supplies and equipment to change over items and procedures in the office. Also of course there will be new paperwork. One thing I can guarantee is there will be hand sanitizer and masks for all. I also am coordinating with my personal doctor as to risk factors. Keep watch on the PC dashboard numbers.

Understanding Transmission:  The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them




Pinellas County Updates:  https://covid19.pinellascounty.org/



I hope this note finds you well and healthy.  I very much look forward to the days when we can meet in person again and I can be part of your regular wellness care.  We are learning each day that we know less and less about COVID19 and are still not prepared to open non-essential businesses.

We are not likely to be able to acquire proper PPE or cleaning supplies to engage the required and recommended new safety measures put in place by the CDC and OSHA. Our liability insurances have not yet developed COVID19 riders for our policies and are providing little guidance. This possible summary may give you an idea of what it will look like when I do reopen.  https://www.abmp.com/back-to-practice/summary

As the CDC, WHO, scientists worldwide and State and local governments work to increase testing, create contact tracing programs and gain a stronger understanding of COVID19, we need to continue to act responsibly in our communities. Until such time that more is known about the dangers of our current crisis, I will not be opening my practice even if restrictions are lifted in May.  

On a more personal note my own family remains safe and quarantined.  My dad and I are both still considered high risk.  My sister is coordinating mask making, as well as making and delivering food to healthcare workers.  I find it amazing and wonderful how we can learn to adapt to new protocols and still help others in need.

You may also visit my facebook page for continued updates.  https://www.facebook.com/kathrynstoverlmt/  

If you are interested in Feldenkrais you can get free lessons sent to your email from this website.  https://www.uncommonsensing.com/.


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