Tips to Get the Most Benefit from Your Session:


Arrive just a bit early.


Don't eat just prior to arrival.


Please do not apply body prays/powders/perfumes/colognes or smoke just prior to your session.


Communicate openly with your therapist about any concerns, allergies, areas of discomfort, music, and temperature.


Relax your body and your mind.


Schedule regular therapy sessions. These sessions offer the greatest benefits over time.


Drink twice as much water as you normally would in a day after your session and give your body time to rest.


                    You may NOT receive treatment while you have a fever.

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic wearing a mask will be required.

The CV19 Appt Form is required for each and every appointment.

Not currently accepting new massage clients.


Please see the Visit page for location information, thank you!

Tri Balance Bodywork


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